Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Does it cost to increase my credit if I have no experience with credit?

A) Yes, you will need to have about $200 to $500. You need to use that money to open secured credit cards with different banks.

Q) Does it cost to repair my credit? 

A) Yes. If you do it yourself,  it will cost about $80 to $100 just to send your letters certified mail with return receipts. If you hire a legal credit repair company, the price quickly jumps to a range of $500 to $15,000. 

Q) I want Deserving Desirable Credit to teach me how to fix my credit problems, what do I do next?

A) Call us at 512-200-3228 Monday - Friday 9am to 7pm or book an appointment online.

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Q) What is an appointment?

A) An appointment is a scheduled meeting between Deserving Desirable Credit's trainers and the customer.

Q) How long will the meeting be? 

A) The meeting will be 45 minutes or less. 

Q) Where will the meeting be? 

A) The meeting will be at one of the following locations:

    1) At the customer's home. (only available in certain areas, $52.47 fee)

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    2) Telephone meeting.

    3) Video chat using Google Meet.

Q) I need my credit reports, where do I get them? 

A) Go to AnnualCreditReport.com

Q) Can I download my credit reports with a cellular phone?

A) No, you can only download your credit reports with a laptop or desktop computer.

Q) I do not have a computer to download my credit reports, what can I do? 

A) Your possible options are as follows:

Click here to pay for report downloads 

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Q) What type of information is needed to obtain my credit reports online?

A) You must give the consumer reporting bureaus your cellular phone number and/or verify your identity by answering 3 to 5 personal questions correctly.

Q) How long will the training take?

A) The time varies. 

If you are ambitious and eager, you will learn quickly. If not, it will take a while. 

Q) How long will it take to increase my credit scores?

 A) The time varies per customer, but most scores began improving after about 2 months.

Q) What type of income do I need to begin increasing my credit score?

A) A regular source of income is needed like employment, social security checks, retirement checks, etc.